Allison Davies

400x400 Allison Davies

“I’ve been a registered music therapist since 2005 and have run a private music practice in Tasmania since 2007.

In 2016 I trained with the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy and developed my workshop Brains = Behaviours as a way of teaching parent, carers and teachers that their child’s behaviours are entirely dependent on how their brain is coping. I received an AMP tomorrow Maker’s award which toured this workshop around regional Aus for 12 months, and now it has become a 10-week eCourse.

As a music therapist, I know that music is one of the ‘Mother tongues’ of the brain and that it has the potential to be used in such a way that general brain functioning can be improved. And over time I became less passionate about the 1:1 therapy model and more and more passionate about educating the caregivers about how they could implement so many of the strategies I was doing in sessions. I had a request from someone who followed me on social media asking “what do we have to do to get you up to QLD and run a workshop for us”, and at that moment I realised that was exactly what I needed to do!

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about my work is that I’m autistic and live with Sensory Processing Disorder. I experience meltdowns, sensory overload, emotional dis-regulation, hyperactivity etc. myself – so I really have the motivation to give clarity around what it feels like when the brain requires as much support as it can get!

I’ve learnt that many caregivers are so desperately seeking this insight and are finding they can relate to their child and further understand their needs when I intermingle my own stories and life experience into my teachings.

Since developing the Brains = Behaviours workshop and eCourse, I’ve mostly put working as a therapist aside. I aim to start a movement, whereby we take the focus off behaviour management and replace it with brain care – supporting our children’s brains to function at their best so that detrimental behaviours disappear of their own accord.”