Audra Starkey


Audra Starkey is a Clinical Nutritionist, Accredited Trainer, Shift Work Veteran and founder of The Healthy Shift Worker podcast that receives over 2000+ listener downloads each month from around the world.  She is also the author of The Healthy Shiftworker – a website dedicated to helping those who may be struggling to stay healthy whilst working 24/7.

After accepting a voluntary redundancy from Qantas in 2014, Audra went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science degree majoring in Nutritional Medicine with the sole purpose of giving back to her profession upon graduation.

With a special interest in preventative health, she went on to found The Healthy Shift Worker, a company that provides shift work specific wellness services to individuals, along with corporate wellness programs via her signature Healthy Shift Worker Wellness Seminars.

She is a huge fan of tennis, or more specifically Roger Federer, and lives in Brisbane with her shift working husband Dale.

'Too Tired to Cook' book cover