Can a sleep mask improve your nurse shift work sleep?

Sleep is so important to me. 

This was most evident when I experienced postnatal depression. It took me four years to realise there was a direct correlation with my ability to cope with it and the quality of sleep I was getting. Diet, hormones and shift work played a large part also of course but sleep was a major player. (For more information about diet and lifestyle tips for stressful times, check out this post)

Now I do everything to protect my sleep and for me,  having a good mattress, great pillow and a sleep mask are non-negotiables.

For over a year now I’ve been using a Peter Alexander mask. It’s been good- it’s soft, cute and cuts out most of the light.

But then I saw the Manta Sleep masks and I was intrigued. The idea that you would place rings over your eyes was… different. They also promised 100% black out and with shift work and day sleeps, I was keen! I had to try it.

I contacted Manta Sleep and they agreed to send me two masks- one to trial and one to give away.

I’ve been trialling the mask now for the past week and I’m happy to say it does deliver. I’ve listed the pros and cons below to help you decide if it’s something you’d like to try…


  1. The eye pockets are adjustable to fit any face which is great when you’re petite like me and you struggle with one size fits all… usually one size fits all does not fit all but in this case it does.  Winning!
  2. The materials used are super soft and comfy against your skin
  3. It definitely is 100% blackout so you’re guaranteed not to wake due to the light when you’re recovering from night shift.
  4. The mask comes with a pouch and earplugs ensuring a great sleep no matter where you are.
  5. The mask is washable. I don’t like stinky, sweaty masks so in my books, this is a great feature.


  1. I had a little difficulty with side sleeping due to the mask bulking out to the side. It took a little adjusting of the eye pockets but I managed to get it comfortable and it was smooth sailing side sleeping from then on.

Try it for yourself!

As I mentioned earlier, Manta Sleep were kind enough to donate an extra mask for us to give away.

To enter the draw:

  1. Head to our Facebook page and comment on the competition post telling us in 25 words or less, what you do to ensure a great day/night sleep.
  2. Tag a friend at the end of your comment so that they can enter!

Entries close 30th June, 2020. The winner will be drawn on the 1st July.