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Asthma Update $25.00
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Asthma Update

May 29, 2019 / No Comments

The webinar will provide an update on paediatric asthma management in line with the Australian Asthma Handbook V 2.0 guidelines which were released in March 2019. Topics include asthma overview, diagnosis and management, medications and device and spacer use.   In this session, you will: Gain an understanding of asthma…

Examination of the Newborn $25.00
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Examination of the Newborn

May 2, 2019 / No Comments

The importance of a thorough neonatal assessment cannot be underestimated as it provides a vast amount of information about the growth and development of the baby and in many cases identifies early signs of illness and/or deterioration among many things. Understanding the need for a newborn assessment and the interpretation…

Paediatric Nursing in Low Resource Settings $25.00
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Paediatric Nursing in Low Resource Settings

April 14, 2019 / No Comments

This session will provide a basic overview of paediatric health globally and we will consider how various settings can teach us and remind us about basic assessment, management and early detection of the sick paediatric patient. We will explore some of the disease processes that are becoming more apparent to…

Emily Young