A Secret Santa Gift Idea

It’s that time of year again when all the sleigh bells start ringing, fat men with white beards are all jolly and Christmas lights are flashing.

It’s also that time of year when the secret Santa potluck jar goes around… but what is it that Geraldine from Admin would like?

I have to admit, I avoid secret Santa’s all the time because I never know if I should be all serious or ‘jokey’ with my gift giving and then once I’ve decided which way I’ll go, what do I even get them!?!

If you’ve been following The Paediatric Nurse Facebook page then you will know how important it is to me that all children have a voice. Then it would come as no surprise that any gift that helps a vulnerable child to have a voice and/or experience safety again would be a HUGE plus!

Recently I visited Sydney for a couple of days and I was lucky enough to meet with a lady who works for International Justice Mission (IJM). She is in marketing so she has the job of telling the stories of children who have fallen victim to cybersex trafficking, particularly in the Philipines. The sad part?

The cybersex trafficking “industry” in the Philipines exists because of customers from Western Countries including Australia.

I’ll let that one sit with you for a moment.

What is Cybersex trafficking?

According to the document submitted by IJM to the NSW Government for their review of the NSW Modern Slavery Bill, cybersex trafficking is defined as “the production, for the purpose of online publication, of visual or audio depictions, including photos, videos, and live streaming, of the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor for a third party who is not in the physical presence of the victim. This crime is distinct from the mere viewing of child exploitation material, as it involves the commissioning of child abuse by offenders which is watched live on a pay-per-view basis.”

“Fifty-two per cent of children who have been rescued by IJM for cybersex trafficking have been 12 years or younger.”

An example of this crime is when an offender located in Australia pays between $20 and $150 to watch children engaging in sexual acts with other children, adults, animals, or posing in sexually explicit videos or photos. Fifty-two per cent of children who have been rescued by IJM for cybersex trafficking have been 12 years or younger.

What does IJM do, exactly?

In a nutshell, IJM rescues children and families from their slavery (physical or sexual slavery) situation, helps rehabilitate them so that they can lead relatively normal lives again and takes the perpetrators to court to seek justice for what they’ve done.

Personally, I love how IJM goes that extra mile to ensure the perpetrator cannot ‘set up shop’ once again.

I’ve only told you the ‘nutshell’ though so please if you want to know all the nitty-gritty, head to the IJM website to see videos and to read about their work. They truly are amazing!

How can your Secret Santa gift help?

I know how difficult it is to find the right gift for the person you’ve been assigned and we all know that most of the gifts given in these secret Santas are either regifted or thrown away.

What if we decided to do something different this year and we pooled all of our money together to help IJM fight this fight and take these perpetrators to court so that they cannot violate these young children anymore?

Gifting the IJM way…

Thanks to this dedicated woman, IJM have put together a gift catalogue where you can purchase:

  • part of an International Human Rights lawyer’s fees
  • contribute to a rescue mission
  • help rehabilitate a person/family rescued
  • pay for trial fees, OR
  • purchase a mobile forensic kit

You can find out more by looking at the online gift catalogue and start working towards a secret Santa gift for everyone that makes them feel good (and save the environment from all those unwanted gifts).

The best gifts can’t be wrapped! Wouldn’t you agree?

Show me the secret Santa gift catalogue!

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