5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again… the time of parties and Secret Santa’s. Can you believe it!?!

Not only is the man in a red suit with flying reindeer gearing up for a loooooong night of flying and gift-giving but we’re all (hopefully) getting more cheerful and starting to think about the ‘year-that-was’.

If you saw my post from last year about this very topic, you’ll know I find this whole Secret Santa thing in particular quite… well, stressful.

Firstly, I have NO IDEA what to get and I hate receiving things I don’t need for multiple reasons:

  • It takes up space in my house when I like to live a minimalist life (as minimalist as possible with kids, that is) AND
  • I don’t like contributing to landfill unnecessarily

So, I find myself thinking about the good-ole Secret Santa every year and how we can purchase meaningful gifts that consider the world in which we live more.

Here’s my top 5 gift ideas for your Secret Santa in 2019

1. International Justice Mission (IJM)

Last year I suggested IJM for your Secret Santa gifts and I’m doing it again this year BUT… this year they’ve made gift giving so much more rewarding!

Use your Secret Santa to change the lives of women and children sold as sex slaves this Christmas

Why? This isn’t about just donating to an ah-mazing cause*, you can buy a necklace or earrings to pass onto your secret gift recipient to remind them of how special they are and how special their gift was.

*Why is this cause so ah-mazing?

IJM aims to end slavery the world over. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk! They set up sting missions to rescue women and children from sex slavery, rehabilitate them and work with governments to arrest the perpetrators AND they even pay for the human rights lawyers to ensure they pay for their crimes!

Just a few weeks back, you probably saw on the Aussie news how a pedophile had been arrested in Australia for child sex crimes against children as young as 10-months in the Philippines. Well, IJM worked closely with Australian and the local Philippines law enforcement to find those children and rescue them. 

Now, IJM is actively helping them in their rehabilitation and providing the legal support they require to make sure their perpetrators cannot do it all again.

Joy’s Rescue Story

They’ve also recently shared the story of Joy who was 10 years old when she was forced to perform sexual acts with other children which were live-streamed to paedophiles in the USA, Australia and Germany. Joy had dreams of becoming a nurse however these repeated experiences over a period of seven years left her with little hope.

Eventually, she was rescued with the help of IJM who also took her into their rehabilitation program. Now, she has finished high school and works as a mentor to other young women and girls who are being rescued like her.

To read more about Joy’s story, click here.

Christmas is a time of hope and with your Secret Santa gift, you can bring hope to another young woman like Joy by purchasing part or all of your Secret Santa gift from IJM.

2. Continuing Professional Development hours

Every nurse needs continuing professional development, right? So, here at The Paediatric Nurse HQ, we’ve decided to help you give a gift that helps a nurse be the best nurse they can be.

Try our new gift card options for your Secret Santa this year

You can now purchase a gift card with this coupon: 5offgifts and get a $25 gift card for just $20- this means that you will be gifting them the equivalent of up to 1-hour of paediatric professional development!

3. ‘Too Tired to Cook’ book

Living the shift work life can take its toll quickly if you’re not prepared for it.

Night Shift is awesome... what day is it?
The struggle is real!
Pic credit:
Too Tired to Cook by Audra Starkey is a great Secret Santa read this Christmas!

One of our speakers, Audra Starkey, has been busy this year writing her first book and the reviews have been awesome. Her book will take you through the ins and outs of living the shiftwork lifestyle while maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

I’ve seen a lot of great reviews for this book and it’s at the top of my list for my next book to buy and read. From what I’ve seen, this is the book that everyone has been waiting for and a must-have for all the nurses.

Perhaps you drew a New Grad’s name? This would be perfect for guiding them towards practices that sustain a lengthy career and help keep our profession alive. 😉

To grab a copy of the book, head over to Amazon Australia.

Don’t we all need that?

4. Movie ticket voucher

With the blockbuster movie season upon us over the Christmas break, it’s a great time to stock up on those movie vouchers.

In some cases, you can get some discounted vouchers through your insurance companies or even some unions! It’s worth checking out- perhaps you can get two tickets for them so they can take you along? 😉

You can check out the upcoming movie releases for December/January by clicking here.

5. DIY voucher

There’s nothing like creating your own gift voucher because you can tailor it to the person’s needs/wants.

If someone gave me a gift voucher that gives me the chance to have dinner with my husband without being interrupted by the kids at a later date, I’d be over the moon! *hint hint*

Here’s a list of different things you could do:

  • A night of free babysitting
  • A free yoga class (so they can join you at the class and you can pay)
  • A free lunch at work
  • 10 x coffees (you could make it a stamp card voucher)

If you aren’t feeling super creative, you can download the above voucher here.

Which of my top 5 Secret Santa gift ideas is your favourite?

~ Brooke

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