The Paediatric Nurse 2019 year in review

So we’re getting towards the end of 2019, heck, even another decade. And while a lot of people are going the online challenge looking at what you’ve achieved during the last 10 years, we thought we’d do a quick review of this year, so let me present ‘The Peadiatric Nurse 2019 year in review’. Our little community has grow so much! We’ve got a Facebook community of (at time of writing) over 3500, with nurses and students from all over the world. We’ve recently reevaluated our pricing structure so that our webinars are even more affordable. 

We’ve met many new friends, hosted over 27 webinars with experts from all around the world. This year we’ve also been able to promote child-centered care with webinars like attachment theory and  child centered play in healthcare settings

Other webinars have focused on YOU and how you can be the best nurse you can be. You’ve got to out on your own oxygen mask before assisting others (ok maybe I’m talking about the plane context and not at work, but you get what I mean). We’ve learnt more about nutrition with Audra Starkey, we learnt be a Happy Nurse with Elaina Mullery and we’ve learnt more about how to promote ourselves when interviewing with Em Prescott

Brooke had a big home move and she also travelled to Cambodia, Erica travelled to London to speak at Don’t Forget the Bubbles. Erica reached out to Brooke, they started chatting, and then she came on board, first at an hourly basis, then as a co-director. 

The November was a big month, along with the regular meetings and webinars, we became a company. Anyone who has a business knows, that this isn’t an easy process, especially for us since one of us is in Australia and the other in New Zealand.  There’s long documents to be created, a lawyer to look over things and meetings need to have official minutes and much more.  There’s was also a lot of documents that needed to be posted across the ocean and back. 

Brooke is such a superstar (she doesn’t know I’m writing this, so she can’t go and edit it out) and has made me feel so welcome every step of the way. Her vision and love for paediatric nursing is so genuine and I think she’s truly achieved what she set out to do with The Paediatric Nurse. 

“We exist so that you can receive evidence-based CPD/CE that is affordable, accessible and relevant to your practice by breaking down the barriers that prevent you from meeting with the experts.


We exist to advocate for children in healthcare ensuring that they receive care that considers the whole child within the context of their family and the effects that the care they receive may have on their emotional wellbeing.”

So now we’re here, at the end of the year. Writing The Paediatric Nurse 2019 year in review was a real eye-opener on how much we’ve done this year, hopefully, in 2019 we’ll have even more to tell you. Next week we’ll talk about what’s coming up for next year and what our big wishes are for the next year. 

Catch up soon Paediatric Nurses,


Here’s the only photo we have of us together – hopefully we get to catch up soon and do something more than an airport selfie!

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