The Paediatric Nurse online CPD Pricing

So, one of the things we want to do here at The Paediatric Nurse is making things easy, and that includes easy to get your online education.

Easy to find a community of like-minded passionate Paediatric Nurses, easy to get CPD when it suits, easy to get relevant CPD and easy to pay for it. With that in mind, we thought it might be time to explain the way we do our pricing. 

Yearly membership

For this, you pay $197 for a whole year of access to our webinars, information and access to our (up-coming) E-seminars. As well as some other discounts when (hopefully in 2020) we get into conference days a few other things. The yearly membership makes it easy if you wanted to claim it as a work-related tax deduction, just one receipt to keep. Yearly membership is a great option if you want to get the bulk of your CPD via online learning. We have heaps of topics available, from rashes to the deteriorating patient, or the Australian Immunization Schedule.

This option comes with a 21 day guarantee, so if you sign up and it isn’t for you, email us within the first three weeks and we’ll send you a refund and gladly take whatever feedback you have on board. 

Month to month payment

With this option you don’t pay for 12 months up front, it’s $20 per month. This option could also be a tax deduction, but there would be more paperwork involved. It’s also slightly more expensive than paying for a whole year, but which for some people it’s easier to work in the budget. There are also some discounts you get, including 40% off E-seminars when they kick-off.  Like the yearly membership, it comes with the 21-day guarantee, so if you don’t love it, we’ll send you a refund.

Whatever you choose, THANK YOU! We love being able to share this journey with the community. As always, if there’s any feedback, questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email at