COVID-19: Effects on children


Course Overview

Earlier this year the World Health Organisation classified COVID-19 as a pandemic. The speed at which new knowledge and understanding of this virus is developing, is unprecedented. However, due to this speed, it can be hard to keep up to date with all the current data.

In this presentation “Covid-19 and the effects on children” the timeline of the virus since it’s presentation and the effects on the adult population will be discussed.

We will then look closely at what is know about how this virus is affecting children and how this differs from the adult population.

Finally, the presentation will explore other health concerns that are facing children through the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu.


In December 2019, a new virus emerged in Wuhan, China. It’s rapid spread and concerning mortality rates led to unprecedented lockdowns worldwide which continue today. While the infection is considered mild in children, there are reports of an increase in Kawasaki Disease, “COVID-toes” and more, not to mention the disruptions to their daily lives in general. It’s important that health professionals working with children sift through the information and determine how children can best be supported both physically as well as psychosocially.



This learning activity has been created in response to the limited information on COVID-19 and it’s effects on the paediatric population. It aims to assist paediatric healthcare professionals with summarising what we currently know and how we might apply this to our practice for the best outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

In this video learning activity, you will:

  • Establish a clear understanding of COVID-19, it’s timeline, the effects on the adult population, and how social distancing and lockdown are effective in reducing the spread.
  • Establish an understanding of how this virus differs in children.
  • Gain an awareness of other health concerns affecting the paediatric population in the midst of a pandemic
  • Develop the knowledge in how as health professional we can identify these health concerns and support children and families throughout this unprecedented time


Who is this for?

This webinar is for all healthcare professionals working with children and young families throughout the pandemic crisis.



Meagan King is one-third of the business called PAEDS. A targeted educational business developed to help support and encourage nurses across Victoria to improve confidence and knowledge when caring for children.

Outside of the business, Meagan has completed her Advanced Nursing Practice, Paediatric Critical Care and has worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital for over 10 years across many wards and units. Currently, she works in PICU in the clinical nurse specialist role and has worked in multiple roles in the ICU department including clinical support, education, and outreach. Meagan loves her chosen career and is proud and excited to share and support all nurses wanting to gain a greater understanding of this patient demographic.

Course Content

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