The Power of the Magic Glove

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When successfully implemented, The Magic Glove incorporates the patients’ focused attention and imagination to change the sensations that are felt while helping the child minimize the highly alert pain sensors.

The Magic Glove can: help patients minimize and manage their level of pain, lessen fear, anxiety and helplessness, minimize suffering and promote healthy coping.

This simple tool is recommended for children 3 to 12 years old. Yet it can also be very effective for teens and adults. It can also be easily adapted for use on the whole body.

This presentation is based on the teachings of the pediatric pain management expert, Dr Leora Kuttner. The presenter has 15 years’ experience using The Magic Glove.



This session was recorded in December 2018 and is due for review from December 2020.

Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 2 hours

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In this session, you will:

* Gain an understanding of what the magic glove technique can do for a child about to undergo a painful procedure

* Acquire knowledge regarding how to engage with parents about the Magic Glove technique

* Receive information about how to teach others in your workplace about the Magic Glove technique

* Gain an awareness of how to implement and use the Magic Glove technique