Dr Riley will be leading a discussion with us to help us get a better understanding of the issues facing transgender youth and children and how we as nurses might be able to best support the child/youth and their families.



Transgender issues are currently very topical, but overall there are still many misunderstandings, myths and predjudices, even within the health professional community. The attitudes we display as healthcare workers have the ability to help and to harm individuals, which can lead to people not engaging with the health system due to fear or anger from past healthcare interactions.  Sex, gender and sexuality are all common terms, but are often used incorrectly. Understanding more about the issues can promote a safer more compassionate environment for patients.



To promote understanding and inform the practice of health professionals so they can best support youth that are transgender or may be questioning their gender.


Learning outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Review the current research on gender diversity
  • Define gender and sexual orientation
  • Examine how best to support young people questioning their identity
  • Acquire knowledge about the current WHO recommendations relating to gender diversity

Who is this for?

This webinar is for nurses and other health professionals that deal with children and youth and may be of particular interest to those working with Adolescents.



Dr Elizabeth Riley is a Specialist in Gender Identity, Counsellor, Clinical & Academic Supervisor and Adjunct Senior Researcher with the University of Tasmania.


Recording Details

This webinar was recorded on 23rd August 2019.

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Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson / 1 quiz Time: 1 hour
  • Transgender Youth Discussion  0/2

    • Lecture1.1
    • Quiz1.1



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