Transitioning from nursing student to a qualified bedside nurse can be daunting. There’s a lot of learning to consolidate as well as new knowledge to take on to ensure that your patients receive the best, most safe care available. Then, to add to this, you have the adjustment to shift work, integrating into your new workplace and more to deal with.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to navigate the important transition from nursing student to bedside nurse. Practical, mental, and clinical considerations will be explored to familiarize newly licensed nurses with the expectations of their new role.



Each year, thousands of new nurses graduate from nursing school and begin their new careers with excitement wrapped up in apprehension. This webinar will help guide you through the transition to help you become the best nurse you can be.



The purpose of this learning activity is to provide newly qualified nurses with a good understanding of what to expect in your new role and to ease the stress of this transition.


Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an awareness of the typical learning progression of newly licensed nurses during their orientation period and beyond.
  • Discuss typical negative thought patterns that surround change and how to gain perspective of them.
  • Explore healthy motivators to successful clinical development
  • Develop the skills to consciously select healthy motivators over other negative motivators that tend to undermine progress.


Who is this for?

This Course is most relevant to nurses transitioning from student nurse to newly qualified nurse.



Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K is a nurse educator with a passion for new graduate nurses. She has been writing blogs, books, creating courses, hosting podcasts, and speaking all over the United States since 2013.

She is the owner of the FreshRN® online platform, specifically created to support, educate, and encourage newly licensed nurses.

Kati has been a member of the profession since 2010 with experience in med-surg, stepdown, and neurocritical care. She has been a preceptor, mentor, charge nurse and is now a nurse educator.

Kati was awarded Nurse of the Year by the Charlotte Business Journal, and named one of the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina, both in 2015. Kati is also a published author with the American Nurses Association.



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Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 1 hour
  • Transitioning from full time student to full time Nurse  0/1

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Clinical Nurse Educator

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  • EHeyer

    Really great reminder

    I particularly found the content relating to motivation really helpful. As someone graduating soon I can see that i have some of those negative motivators. I still have 2 placements before i graduate to try and implement the motivator of care over fear. Thanks